Our Team

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Our Origin Story

While spending the better part of a decade working within the cannabis community, our team became increasingly obsessed with mycology and the healing powers that mushrooms have on our bodies and the planet.

The mission of mushroomsupplies.com is to take mushrooms to the next level by making mushroom cultivation accessible to everyone through online courses, instructional videos, and an online community that includes YOU.

As a result, it was this that birthed MushroomSupplies.com.

Our Facility

Located in sunny Anaheim, California, MushroomSupplies.com has a 12,000 sq. ft facility. MushromSupplies.com ever-growing team consists of myconaughts, supply chain whizzes, and also mycologists with over 25 years of experience!

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Making Mushrooms Easy™

It became evident that the mushroom cultivation industry hadn’t had any meaningful innovation in quite some time- furthermore, we intend to change that. Currently, the status quo requires mushroom growers to have expensive equipment, ultra-sterile environments, and a lot of unnecessary steps.

We challenge this status quo by creating products that allow everyone to grow mushrooms at home affordably and easily. Every product comes with instructional videos and guides that help you through the growth process making it safer, easier and less expensive than traditional methods. This is why our mission is and always will be focused on MAKING MUSHROOMS EASY™.

Our Breakthroughs


Simplified Mushroom Growing

Grow Kit In-a-Bag™ allows you to grow mushrooms directly in the bag without the need for a clean room or expensive equipment. This is truly the easiest way to grow mushrooms at home.


Lightning Colonization Tek™

Our proprietary blend of Sterilized Millet and Hardwood Oak Dust guarantees extremely fast colonization and maximized yields

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Innovative Sterilization Process

Over 10,000 pounds of premium substrate is cooked a week at the best price on the market. We use hospital-grade sterility testing and a batch-tracking system which allows us to guarantee the cleanest and highest quality cultivation supplies at scale.

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Our Promise

Innovation is everything and we promise to continue to push the boundaries in this space so everyone can experience the joy of growing their own medicinal and gourmet mushrooms at home.

Regardless of whether you’re an experienced commercial grower or a first-timer, our team is extremely humbled to have the opportunity to assist you with your mushroom growing journey.

25 years of experience into each product

Growing mushrooms is something our team has been doing for a long time! Each product comes with years of experience and failures behind it. 100,000+ pounds of grain are sterilized and we can cook over 10,000 pounds of substrate a week!



On-staff mycologists and the rest of our team are awesome!



Handling massive orders in record times is our specialty.



Mycologists at MushroomSupplies.com have tested over 100 genetics!

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