Non-Sterilized Gypsum

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ShroomBoost™ Professional Substrate Amendment is designed to be an ideal additive for mushroom growing operations using a mushroom substrate growing system.


MAXIMIZE MUSHROOM YIELD: Our gypsum enhances fruit body development by providing essential minerals like Calcium, strengthening cell walls and promoting growth in mushroom substrate.

OPTIMAL MUSHROOM GROWTH: Regulates PH levels in your mushroom grow kit, creating the perfect environment for maximum growth and yield. Upgrade your mushroom cultivation with our premium gypsum.

OPTIMIZE NUTRIENT UPTAKE: Improves substrate structure and aeration, enhancing water and nutrient absorption for your mushroom grow kit. Provide essential minerals like Calcium and Phosphorus.

CLEANER MUSHROOM CULTIVATION: Our premium gypsum creates a cleaner and more hygienic environment to grow your own mushrooms.

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BOOST MUSHROOM YIELD: Our gypsum fosters fruit body development, supplying vital minerals for cell walls, promoting growth in the substrate.

ENHANCE GROWTH CONDITIONS: Regulate pH in your mushroom kit for optimal growth and yield. Elevate your cultivation with our top-quality gypsum.

IMPROVE NUTRIENT ABSORPTION: Enhance substrate structure and aeration for efficient water and nutrient uptake in your mushroom kit, providing essential minerals.


What is gypsum, and why is it used in mushroom cultivation?

Gypsum is a mineral that contains calcium and sulfur. It is added to mushroom substrate to provide a source of calcium and adjust the pH level, creating optimal conditions for mycelium growth.

How does gypsum benefit mushroom growth?

Gypsum improves the structure of the substrate, enhancing water retention and drainage. It also provides essential minerals like calcium, which supports the development of strong cell walls in the growing mycelium.

How much gypsum should be added to the substrate?

The amount of gypsum depends on the specific substrate recipe and the type of mushrooms being cultivated. Generally, it's added at a rate of around 1-2% of the dry substrate weight.

Can I substitute gypsum with other calcium sources?

While gypsum is a common choice, other sources of calcium, such as calcium carbonate, can be used. However, gypsum is preferred for its additional benefit of adjusting pH.

Does gypsum impact the pH of the substrate?

Yes, gypsum is often used to help buffer substrate pH, making it more favorable for mushroom growth. It tends to lower pH levels if they are too high.