MycoBOOM™ Liquid Nutrient Mix


Turn 1 Spore Syringe = 8x the Liquid Culture!

Save time and save money by turning your spores into Liquid Culture! Unlock the potential of your spores with MycoBOOM™, a 80ml sterile liquid nutrient mix designed to simplify and accelerate mushroom culture preparation. Just inject your spores or liquid culture into the vial, keep it at 70-80F, and watch the mycelium flourish in 7-10 days. Ideal for both novice and experienced cultivators, MycoBOOM™ makes expanding your mushroom cultures effortless and efficient.

Cost-Effective: Use just one syringe to create up to 80ml of viable liquid culture, significantly reducing costs and material usage.
Versatile Application: Suitable for both spore and liquid culture injections, accommodating different cultivation preferences and techniques.
Accelerated Growth: Enhances the germination of spores, leading to quicker colonization and shortened cultivation cycles.
Long-Term Storage: Designed to store genetic material safely for months under proper conditions, providing longevity and stability.
User-Friendly: Comes equipped with syringe, needle, and alcohol pad for immediate use in a sterile environment.
1. Pop the top of the sterile bottle and clean the injection port with 70% Alcohol
2. Inject clean spores or liquid culture (not to exceed 20ml total)
3. Store at 70-80 degrees F
4. Wait 7-10 Days and expand your spores or liquid culture 8x the amount using a 1 pack of MycoBoom™ or 24x using the 3 pack! 

Full directions will be included with the bottles. 

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